Friday, August 22, 2008

Me & russ made it to the nationwide race. Lets go racin boys!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Bags are Packed...

...for bristol! I'll be leaving Columbus in about 15 minutes and meeting Russ in BTown. We're going to go to WallyWorld tonight to pick up some last minute supplies and leave early in the morn enroute to Bristol, Tennessee! We'll get there in plenty of time to settle in, then head over to the track for the Pro Cup and Truck races.

More updates to come.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two Bristol Videos

To celebrate the upcoming Bristol Night Race Weekend, I've uploaded two videos from last year's race. The videos take place prior to start of the Wednesday night truck race. After the Hooter's Pro Cup event, there was an intermission in which music was played over Bristol's PA system. It just so happened one song was Huey Lewis' "I Want a New Drug," B Town Boyz favorite.

The first video is Juddy playing along to the music with an imaginary "Beer Horn." The second is T singing along with the line "...when I'm alone with you..."

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Race Week

Everyone going to the spring race that reads this blog have a good time and be sure to drink one for me, Chump, Slyght, and JHo. See you in August.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Chump... Located (Corrected)

looking for chump 01

Horray! The Actual Chump with Russ has been located in the crowd! The above pic has Chump and Russ somewhere in it. See if you can find them.

After the original post, Z brought to my attention that I found the wrong "me". I thought I was wearing a black shirt with my red Budweiser hat and I foolishly found the wrong person. I am embarrassed, but nonetheless I'm still in the picture. However, in my defense, the person I originally thought was me is wearing almost the same exact attire, sans Russ.

If you need help, you can click here.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

where in the world is JHo?

while at the NNCS bristol night race, T and i decided to try to find JHo and Chump in the crowd. this is a bit of a daunting task considering the enormous amount of people who attend the night race, but i was up for the challenge. i knew approximately where JHo was and T called him to have him wave his indians jones hat to help. after several unsuccessful attempts, being dejected, i took a final pic and as i was putting the camera down, out of the corner of my eye i saw his bright yellow shirt on the view screen, but as i said i was putting the camera down. it happened so quickly i couldn't find him precisely again, but i had a more refined search area, so i turned to my GRAW2 training... "spray & pray". i just took loads of pictures of the vast crowd in the now more specific area to analyze later. after all, this was a bristol race, and i had drinking to do and racing to watch.

today, i analyzed the pix, and wouldn't you know it. out of the 20 or so pix i took, only 2 or 3 were clear, and i actually found him in two of those three. fancy. so here's the pic. try to find him (HINT: he's wearing a bright yellow shirt and looks downtrodden, he'd taken off his indian jones hat at this point). you can click on the picture to see a larger version for better hunting. if you can't find him, you can click here where i circled him. you can see them in order, left to right: leslie, chuggie, chug, and JHo.

i tried the same thing with ChumpAss, but he thinks the scoring pole was DIRECTLY in our way (what luck). again, i did my "spray and pray" technique, so now i'm just waiting to hear back from him as to some landmarks, sections, rows, etc. maybe i can do the same for him. i love my canon S2 IS.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Good and Hot

that is not a sexual blog i am starting. good week. got chug and chug down for the bristol race, along with leslie.
here is the rv we went down with. frank's rv was pimped out.

we set up shop and started the washer games. they continued most of the week.

Wednesday was the truck and hooter's pro cup race (a lot of cautions). it was fun, though, because we were all drinkin' and there was general admission so all the btown folks got to sit together.

we hit the jd tent at 9:30 am saturday. that was the jd day. and, like z, i got my picture taken with clint bowyer.

after the jd tent, we saw the old spice girls

and z got hit by jimmy johnson (not chump's cousin)

of course, z and i ended up back at jd. drinking more jd.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bristol Fans Pour Out of BMS

This video was taken following Friday night's Food City 250 Busch race as fans pour out over the bridge connecting BMS to Earhart parking and campground. I was shooting this video next to a ticket scalper selling tix to Saturday night's cup race. If you listen closely to the audio, you'll hear someone ask if he's selling tix to "tonight's Busch race." The scalper replies that he is is and will offer him a good deal of half price.

Bristol 07 Night Race Pano's

We here at The Bristol Experience love pornographic pics... er, I mean panoramic pics. Here a few we captured over the race week. (Click for full size)
crowd participation pano

Crowd participation during the Star Spangled Banner


Crowd participation promo for Sprint Million and Sharpie

2007 annual fall pano (NNCS)

Annual Cup daytime pano from turn 3


Another Cup pano after dark from turn 1


Earhart Campground from high atop BMS


Ye Olde Camper

bristol pix 2007 night race

It took a while but, I've finally found an internet connection I can upload photos through. They've been uploaded and here are some highlights from my cam.

Here, BTVJGJHo gets buddy-buddy with Smoke. Aren't they so cute together?

Here I'm imitating Tony Stewart's Old Spice "monkey pose", as I call it. You can see why I call it that in this Old Spice commercial when Tony is being interviewed (0:20)... he looks like a monkey.

Here's some fellas JHo and I saw in the JD tent. I saw the Toyota shirt but didn't get it. I know a lot of NASCAR fans don't like Toyotas in the cup, but why was the Toyota symbol upside-down? I had to know, so I asked for a picture and an explanation. I got this pic, and was told he doesn't like Toyotas in the cup, and he didn't realize the symbol was upside-down, the shirt was free.

I saw this kid at "RaceDay" where NASCAR commentators and drivers get together and televise a show before the race. He was walking around in the crowd with this sign, and I HAD to get a pic, since i don't like gordon either. His mom or someone told me she wished he'd just get rid of it. I say, keep fighting the good fight.

here's T with his new friends, amy and scott, i believe, at the NNCS race.

T, you have to upload that pick we sent to wake Russ up. The guy behind us wanted an 8"x10", so he might be checking daily for it. go, go, go.

And JHo, talk to Leslie about getting that pick of me under the 48. That was a good pic.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Me and Clint Bowyer

Well, not really. BTVJGJHo, his dad, brother, and sister-in-law all went to the Jack Daniel's (JD) tent on saturday morning for a pick-me-up. He texted me to see if T or Chump wanted to come over, which they were just rousing so i headed over myself and a few brews in the cooler. I met them there and had a few bloody marys before walking around the haulers, checking out the exhibits. We cooled down in the sharpie tent where we advertised for TBE with black-light reactive Sharpies. We also got to see Kurt Busch at an appearance we stmubled upon at the nextel tent. JHo and i went back to his campground for a great lunch, then back to walking and drinking. we ended up back at the JD tent again, had a few drinks and tried to get some free stuff to no avail. Earlier in the day, I'd noticed they had "pictures with Clint Bowyer". They'd take a picture with you in front of a green screen and superimpose you later. It seems there weren't as many takers as they'd expected, because I noticed that when we hit the tent the second time, they had people getting pictures taken with some of the JD girls as well. I'd have to say that, on the whole, the JD girls are typically the best looking advertising girls at the bristol race. This year, Aaron's had the Aaron's Kittens, and they were pretty cute, as well as the Old Spice girls, but JD was best this year. That convinced me to get a picture. You might be able to tell, i was drunk, hot, and yeah, drunk. my face speaks volumes and i forgot my product placement, but putting my beer in front of the shirts we made the day earlier advertising TBE. Go click on that picture for the hi-res version. I look rockin', and send us your stories and pix NOW!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Time to go home

Well, Chump, T, and myself are on our way home from the race. I had a great weekend personally, despite the oppressive heat. We handed out loads of cards (hopefully you came here due to getting one), took loads of pictures, and met some cool people. I can't wait for the next race (might miss the spring because of work), but first, a few days to recouperate.

More posts and pictures will be up in the next few days. If you have any, send them our way so we can share them with other fans.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Food City 250

T and Slyght are in turn 3. Chump is in turn 1. The cars are doing
pace laps... let's get this started. By the way, if you have any pix
from your seats, send them to us, and we'll post them. Gree gree

Quick Update from the Busch Race

Here's the view from my seat.

Wednesday Night Truck Race

Hey everyone! Hope your race week is going as good as ours. Here's a pic from the truck race. My camera phone isn't the greatest. Many stories and pics to upload, but even more beer to drink. Gotta go. It's Bristol baby!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 2 update

Day 2 @ bristol has come to an end. We have a few updates. We watched the blue deuce win at michigan (thanks to timmy & big al for bringing their satelite.) we also survived an hour downpour by drinking lots more beer & taking group pictures. Z destroyed his $5oo phone - we are looking for a new one tomorrow. Then we met up with jho at earhart west for a nightcap. Its bedtime now. More to come. Be sure to leave us a comment when you stop by. Goodnight.

Monday, August 20, 2007

On the road

Slyght, Chump, and T are en route to Bristol for the NASCAR fall night
race. If it's your first time to the site, leave a message, let us
know that you stopped. We'd be glad to hear from you, and come try to
find us at Earhart East (hopefully).

Until we get there, we're attempting to listen to the rain-postponed
Michigan race on Sirius satellite radio. Ah, technology!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Snowiest Race EVER!


If you were there, this picture speaks for itself. If you weren't, you probably know about the infamous snow storm during Bristol week, spring '06. While it had snowed on and off all week, mother nature decided to really give it to us on Saturday. JHo took this picture outside BMS prior to the start of the Busch race. It sure was cold as hell, but we didn't let a little snow dampen our spirits. Just another notch in the Bristol week belt. I'm not 100% sure about this, but that race was the ONLY one I can ever remember being delayed due to snow... not just a Bristol race, but any major Nascar race.

Earhart Campground

Here's the link to Earhart Campground. Thought it my be a good addition to the links section.

I Hope This Doesn't Scare People Away But...

Yes, the master AND the apprentice will be at the Bristol fall celebration.